Bill’s Blog Entry #16

From “Discipleship and Discipline”, by William H. Hicks, copyright, March, 2005:

“A disciple of Christ cannot love without being kind; we cannot show self-control without being patient; a follower of Jesus Christ cannot demonstrate peace without gentleness; love and joy are but reflections of each other.  We must demonstrate all of the attributes of the Spirit or we demonstrate none of the attributes of the Spirit. A person cannot say,  “I love you!” and yet be faithless. Kindness and goodness go hand-in-hand. Love engenders joy, which brings peace and a desire to be gentle towards the one loved.  Thus, Paul is certainly accurate in his transmission of the Holy Spirit’s message as the fruit of the Spirit is one (singular), having many manifestations, all of which are consistent with the other.  In fact, bearing the fruit of the Spirit is an “all or nothing” proposition.  You cannot grow half an orange, can you?  Nor can you grow an orange a section at a time.  Even when immature, a growing orange will evidence the presence of each section.”

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