From “Discipleship and Discipline”, by William H. Hicks, copyright March, 2005:


“The account of Abraham’s chief servant in Genesis 24 also shows us the third important characteristic or attribute of disciples, that is, disciples are disciplined.  Abraham’s chief servant exercised authority over others, over material resources and over his own flesh to the accomplishment of his master’s purposes. He was self-controlled; he managed his master’s resources efficiently and effectively and he was trustworthy.  Having taken an oath to do his master’s bidding, he brooked no interference in the completion of his task.  In Genesis 24: 2, the Scriptures note that this servant “had charge of all he (Abraham) had.  Verses 2-60 depict how this chief servant administered his master’s resources.  Had Eliezer been untrustworthy, he could have left Abraham and never looked back.  He obviously had enough wealth in the form of the gold, the gifts, the camels and the people under his authority to set himself up in the land of Ur or elsewhere.  He was all the way on the other side of the known world at the point he encountered Rebekah.  He could have been deceitful and made off with her for himself.  Yet, at every turn, Eliezer was mindful of the fact that he was on a mission for his master and he was disciplined enough to remain faithful.”

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