“Who is the Holy Spirit?”


"Who is the Holy Spirit? What is His role as the third person(ality) of the Triune God? The Holy Spirit is probably the One aspect of the triune God who is most difficult to know. We have been overexposed to and superimposed upon by worldly concepts of the spirit- you know, Casper the Friendly Ghost, horror movies like the Thirteen Ghosts- so that we are mostly confused and skeptical about there even being a “Holy Spirit of God”, much less taught any insight into His nature (corporeal? gaseous? does He seehearfeelsmelltaste like we do?) or His role as God. What do He do?

The Holy Spirit is our Teacher, Guide. While He was on earth, the Lord Jesus led and guided His disciples into all the truth. Then, towards the end of His time on earth, He told us it would be to our advantage for Him to go away and for the Helper to come. The Holy Spirit teaches believers. He prods and encourages our memories. The Holy Spirit is our constant companion. He is how Jesus is with us always, even to the end of the world/age."

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