“Still, what do He do? The Holy Spirit convicts: convict is not quite the same as being convicted of a crime, although it has the same force/authority and power to accomplish this. “There is therefore now no condemnation for those who are in Christ Jesus.” If this, from Romans 8: 1, is truth, What then, is this “convicting”? The Greek word, elegcho: implies not merely the charge, but the truth of that charge and, very often, the acknowledgement, if not outwardly, yet inwardly, of its truth. The one confronted with the truth is brought to an acknowledgement of the truth; one comes into agreement with the truth. This action by the Holy Spirit is what enables REPENTANCE of our sins. This repentance then leads to an acceptance of Jesus Christ as personal Savior and Lord, faith in Him and THEN a changed life.

This is why there is NO REPENTENANCE without the Holy Spirit! When we deny Him, we deny His truth and we reject His actions in our hearts to convict us of the truth in Jesus Christ. If we say that He is a liar, then we identify with Satan, just as by baptism, we testify that we “identify” with Jesus Christ! This is why blaspheming the Holy Spirit is unpardonable! Because when you blaspheme the Holy Spirit, you say He is a liar and that what He brings is NOT truth! JOHN 14: 17b.”

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